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Liz Ogbu | Designer, Social Innovator and Urbanist

Example of a design firm that focuses on designing for public good/needs (just like our ProjComm teams). Take a look - inspiring!

9 Women Who Are Rocking Public Interest Design - Architizer

Peripheral to ProjComm, but a really interesting article about women working in public design/architecture.

Brilliant Bamboo: This Colombian Children’s Center Proves How Participatory Design Can Produce Amazing Architecture - Architizer

Participatory design of a school. Ready for ProjectCommunity14

Using community voices to drive the story: St. Louis Public Radio and their coverage of Ferguson, MO - The Engagement Hub

Another collaborative networks example. If you consider reporting “designing the news,” then this might be a useful case study. What I find important here is the invitation and mechanisms for citizen involvement. Not tokenism!

Doctoral Students Stay Connected and Get Things Done!

“It’s easy to disconnect from school. Other things come in the way and they are all huge priorities,” says doctoral student Dohrea Bardell. “To maintain focus, you need people around you to constantly remind you.”

Read this article with the perspective of designing with and getting support from your network. Sometimes I think it is a bit harder to see how design networks really function. This is an example where the network exists for a variety of purposes, and it can be activated for design work - in this case designing courses. It is a bit subtler than crowdfunding. And the networks themselves (in their various forms - tight communities, communities of practice, loose networks) offer benefit time and again over time.

Storytelling for Success: A Look at Three Crowdfunding Campaigns - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup

Some NGO Crowdfunding case stories for the teams working on crowdfunding. It is getting easier to find these. Now I need to find more examples of crowdthinking/crowd design!

Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Millions To Fight ALS : NPR

And if you prefer listening over reading, here is Beth Kanter talking about the #icebucketchallenge

Is A Downer News Cycle A Factor in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Success? | Beth’s Blog

The ALS #icebucket challenge is a wonderful case study for our #crowdfunding teams in #projcomm14

Small Business Funding Products | FundWell

Another crowdsourcing option, this one for small businesses. Our ProjComm teams may consider that not all useful design for millennium development goals channels through NGOs. Businesses have an important role. Even more useful to consider, building local capacity for business solutions, often in concert with NGO’s and governments, can yield multiple results in developing nations.

Susan Wyche, PhD: Michigan State, Human-Centered Design and ICTD

Design for international development. I have a shared connection with Susan if you’d like to invite her as an online guest for project community.